• Computer Repair

    I have had the pleasure over the past 30 years of repairing literally thousands of electronics, computers and laptops for my customers and friends in Boulder County.

    I have worked for big corporations as well as the home PC user. The main thing everyone has in common is when your computer is down, everything stops. My mission has always been to fix it right the first time, and make the experience as stress free as possible for my clients. That’s what I do.

    Thom Brawley - Owner Technician

  • We Build Custom Computers

    Sometimes my customers finally have their PC setup just the way they like it. The problem is that it is just too old. Many times, we build a new, much faster tower. We equip it with the Windows of their choice ,and transfer all their important files.  Then, instead of the old computer wheezing and chugging along, we have a new, blazing PC running on the Win XP or Windows 7 that they are comfortable with. When ready for a Windows 10 upgrade, we can do that too. All without skipping a beat! Now that’s just one of the many custom computers we build.

  • Audio Repair - All Major Brands

    Pioneer - Denon - Toshiba - JVC - Bose - Sony - McIntosh - Marantz - NAD - Nakamichi - Onkyo - Kyocera - Yamaha

    “Everyday someone brings in their stereo component that they love, but is starting to have problems. Most of time, I am able to repair it at a reasonable price, and restore it to new condition. Don’t throw that great stereo in the landfill.

    Thom Brawley 

Same Day Drop-off Diagnosis and Estimate

Member Better Business Bureau® Denver/Boulder Area

Proudly serving Boulder, Longmont, Louisville,and Broomfield for over
30 years

  • "...I have continued to rely on Thom for assistance whether it is by phone, e-mail or in person. I know that I can rely on Tom to diagnose my PC problems and provide an appropriate remedy. He has always been honest, upfront and easy to talk to. And always willing to take the time to make sure that my PC is running properly. I have unhesitatingly recommended him to friends."
    -Charles E.(Bob)Kincaid

Laptop-Desktop Repair Including:

HP - Dell - Compaq - Asus - Microsoft - Sony Vaio     Lenovo - Alienware - Intel - Toshiba - Acer 

Audio Repair - All Major Brands Including:

Pioneer - Denon- Toshiba - JVC - Bose - Sony - McIntosh Marantz - NAD - Nakamichi - Onkyo - Kyocera - Yamaha

3896 Arbol Ct. Boulder, CO

Virus Removal - Hardware - Software Computer Repair

Monday - Friday 9 to 5pm, Saturday 10 to 2pm



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